• As I walk into class i realized something is wrong
    so i try to play it off
    then when you come by it comes back
    that weird feeling as if someone is going to get hurt
    i dont kno if it is going to be me or you
    but it is going to be one of us
    so as i go through the day-- wondering--
    wondering if i did something wrong
    you come again
    but this time i feel like everything is all right
    so i sit by you and--
    and i enjoy your company
    i place my heart in your soft delicate hands because--
    because i kno that everything will be alright
    later that day i sit
    i sit there in my lonely desk far from the world it seems
    and i sit there because i kno it will be all right in the end
    but after class as i--
    as i roam down the hall
    i see you
    and when i see you that feeling came back
    that feeling that happened earlier in the day
    but this time it hurts som much
    it hurts form the inside out
    as if i knew what possibely could happen next
    so i tried to play it off
    but it wasnt as easy as before
    so later after homeroom
    as you head to your trip all the way home after a long day of school
    and i head towards football practice you wait in the hall
    for me
    but you dont wait alone--
    no you wait with my brother and your "girlfriends"
    and while we walk dowm the hall together
    you try to start to speak to me
    but i am so far away--
    i am far because i kno what comes next
    but you dont...
    so you continue to walk
    you walk up to my brother and say--
    "i'll tell him tomorrow and make sure you dont tell him"...
    how can you do that to me
    tell me now
    i cannot take it
    and if it is over then say that it is
    dont let me go through all of this pain and nervous feelings
    but even if so...
    it is just another case of going in and out of love.