• I've come this far in life to realize
    The difference between love and hate
    Most would have said I was damned for life
    But I always wanted to see myself as a saint

    Free from pain, free from suffering
    I wonder if there's a word for this
    I've been waiting for my freedom of peace
    While KAOZ was awaiting my decadence

    The ultimate oblation this paranoic could decide
    Is to terminate the dark half of his mind
    So I sit and wait for my eventual delirium
    Concentrating on citing the signs

    Will it take a deeper concentration
    To expose my true virility?
    Or am I destined to be a child forever
    With no satisfaction towards his destiny?

    My biggest hope at this present moment
    Is to own future happiness
    But something deep within my heart
    Has plans for emotional abstinence stare