• Unending love

    Like flowers in the rainforest,
    You are hard to find,
    You are hard to get.

    And like trees growing in the streets,
    You think I am the same as others,
    You think I’m like all.

    But haven’t I given you enough reason,
    To know… to know that I am special?
    That I am like you?
    Hard to find?

    Inside me, inside you.
    Lies the complicated soul,
    The complicated personality,
    That bonds us,
    That pulls us together,
    Ever so slowly.

    Have you ever noticed?
    When I see you, I worry.
    When I don’t, I worry even more.

    When I am with you,
    I am happy but at the same time,
    I am lonely.

    When I am with you,
    I worry so much,
    I want…
    I wan to give you my life,
    So you will be stronger.

    You must hate me now,
    For being so melodramatic,
    For being so overdramatic,
    For being like this.

    Do you understand me more now?

    What is it that you feel for me now?
    Now that you know my true from?

    In the long run,
    I shall hate you.
    I shall blame you.

    Blame you for breaking my outer shell.
    You render me utterly speechless.
    I always have something to say.
    Now, you stole my heart and my voice.
    I am willing.
    Get anything from me.
    I accept.

    Is this what you want?
    I care for you, but do you?
    I love you, but do you?
    You do, love me.
    In a different way.
    Very far from what I feel for you.

    Should I die now?
    End my misery?
    For you, for me.
    Tell me.
    Because my heart swore itself to you.
    You control it now.
    In a way I can never control it.
    Because I don’t love me.
    I love you.
    Tell me.
    I will die.
    For you.
    And only you.
    Because to me.
    My heart will only keep on beating for you.
    And not for me.
    Or anyone else for that matter.
    Tell me.
    And I will die.
    For you,
    For me.