• A dying man's last gasp,
    A weeping mother's sorrow.
    A child running frightened,
    Pleading for tomorrow.
    A solider with his gun,
    Aiming for the kill.
    An adolesent theif,
    Speeding for his thrill.
    A lonely little girl,
    Waiting for a friend.
    An insufficient tyrant,
    Knowing it's the end.
    The morning bells are chiming,
    the newly weds go by.
    The assasin's struck again,
    it's time for him to fly.
    The government has fallen,
    there's chaos all around.
    The inner cities crumble,
    but doesn't make a sound.
    The actor stands and bows,
    the crowd erupts in cheer.
    The monistaries burn,
    the symbol of our fear.
    The curtain rose again,
    the actors had new roles.
    The orchestra proclaims
    my symphony of souls.