• Invisible

    Can you see me ?
    when i'm standing right beside you ?.....

    Can you hear me ?
    When i speak your name ?.....

    Can you feel me ?
    When i'm taping at your shoulder ?.....

    Do you even care ?
    Do you even know im there ?

    Chores _____________Chores

    Cause i dream
    every night about you
    about your perfect eyes
    and perfect hair.

    and i think
    about you everyday
    about your awsome smile
    and your amazing style.

    So do you know i'm there ?
    or do you just not care enough to see me
    am i invisible to you ?


    Can't you tell ?
    when i'm wearing all the new clothes.....

    Can't you smell ?
    that brand new perfume.....

    Can't you see ?
    how i'm trying to impress you.....

    But you don't care,
    you don't even know i'm there.....


    you are perfect
    and i am just an averade girl
    in my own world
    hoping to get noticed.

    But you see right through me
    and my clever disguise
    you don't even look me in the eyes
    Cause i'm invisible to you
    and you don't care.

    But can't you see
    we were meant to be together
    you and me
    spend all life together
    cause thats the key
    and the way its supposed to be.


    So do you know im there ?
    or do you just not care enough to see me ?
    Am i invisible to you ?
    cause you just don't care
    am i invisible to you ?