• A song of love
    A gift from above
    A song of joy
    That can never be destroyed
    That's what she thought
    Until her love became distraught

    She broke down into tears
    Eaten by her fears
    She locked herself within
    A darkness that welcomed her in
    She couldn't come out
    Not with misery running about
    A song of sadness
    Of which she begun

    A song of darkness
    Locked in itself
    Oh my God
    What is wrong with myself?!
    Why does this happen every day?
    Why can't it go away?

    Madness took over
    As she grabbed a knife.
    The shining blade
    That now depended on her life
    She thought she could never win.
    As she cut her skin

    Her life once was happiness in a song.
    No, she thought.
    It's all wrong.

    I can't take it anymore!
    The words, blood written on her bedroom door
    Yes, there she lay peacefully
    Like a song without melody
    Lifeless and dead, on the floor.