• i think its funny
    how this b***h walks around
    like she owns the damn place
    when really shes just a nasty hoe
    she talks s**t about me and my friends
    leaving snark remarks in a truth box is no way to act
    grow the ******** up
    "you look like ******** up whore. hope you can fix that. :]"
    there's tons more where that came from
    you sound stupid as hell!
    the s**t just hit the fan
    shes been talking about me and my friends for farrrrr to long
    i want to scream in her ugly face
    NEWS FLASH b***h:
    that was years ago stop being a hoe
    we don't like you
    you don't like us
    stops following us around like some kind of dog
    I'm not your friend
    never really was
    every one is sick you and your cult
    more like nasty hoes
    the worlds not about you
    just grow the ******** up