• The Soul Within Me

    When I'm outside
    I'm free to fly.
    But when I'm stuck at home,
    I'm all alone.
    It's hard for me to show my true self
    since I'm always alone,
    with nobody else.
    There's a mask that I wear
    I'm not sure why I hide behind it,
    I know it's not my true form,
    cause everyday, including the past,
    I've been trying to get rid of this mask.
    It holds me back
    from everything I do.
    This includes:
    living a life,
    hanging with friends,
    n going to school.
    Wanting to be alive,
    and live a life
    like everyone else.
    But why is this mask
    always gets in my way,
    not letting me pass
    and for everyone else to see who I really am
    this very day.

    To tell the truth,
    I'm just a fifthteen year old boy
    who always ended but being toyed
    by the one I love
    and everyone else.
    I'm in the 10th grade
    known as sophmore year,
    with everything said
    all you'll think about is fear.

    My life started when I was born,
    born and raised in the year of a huge snow storm.
    It was the year of 1994,
    when i came to Earth
    living in pain
    since the begining of birth.
    As day passed by,
    I've began to grow
    my strength, heart, and soul
    combined as one
    with everything unfold.

    Why in the world
    are things so hard to believe?
    Making me stress and making me leave.
    Whenever there's a place to hide
    I leave it open
    then step aside.
    I don't wanna be trapped here again
    all alone without none of my freinds.
    In this world so far away,
    it seems like my imagination
    but when the time is right
    everything is clear
    and visual to see
    I know what will happen to me.

    Everything that's done around me
    is something to regret
    but if it happens again
    it'll all be trapped in a huge, cage-like net.

    I wanna go back
    to how the world was like back then,
    to visit my family, and my friends.
    Able to be free
    and not live a life as a fantasy.
    Showing and telling the one I love
    spoken from my heart
    never wanting us to be apart.
    My family, my friends,
    the one I love
    I wanna see you again.
    I want to tell you what's going on
    but whenever something happens,
    everything goes wrong.
    Like my heart was broken in two,
    my family, my friends,
    to tell you the truth,
    all i need is you.
    To help me out
    throughout life to survive
    without things being said
    it'll always be kept in mind.
    Thanks to you and all of my crew
    I'll always know
    I can depend on you.

    Whenever I need you,
    you'll be in my heart,
    no matter how far,
    we are apart.
    Nothing will get in my way
    to be able to see you
    day after day.