• sorry guys, but i think im probably gonna cancel my series on here. i know not a lot of people read it and/or will care, but i just wanna tell the few ppl who have this.

    keaton, is a real person. no, his last name isnt real, but i know this guy named keaton in real life. and i do like him. a lot.

    but, he loves this other girl. and i saw them hugging today, and u shouldve seen his face....and im in pain. REAL pain. i feel torn apart and like im going to cry......and i dont think ill be able to carry on with my story, not when hes pretty much a real person. maybe ill be able to carry on someday, maybe not. but in the meantime, heres something i wrote when i got home. idk wut it is, really, but its something. and its called pain

    I stood there in pain, watching it happen as my voice faded and my eyes started to sting, as if I'd cry, which hasn't happened in so long. Realizing my friend was bidding good-bye and leaving, I barely raised my hand above my head and jerked it to the right a little, in a sorry attempt of a wave, not taking my eyes away from them through this process. But it wasn't right.

    Slowly dragging my burning eyes from the scene, I turned towards my exit out into the cold. All those feelings, all those thoughts. Everything spun around my head and I suddenly felt like I was going to puke.

    I dashed forward into the powerful wind, feeling the pressure against my ears, which made my head spin. My pace quickened, and I soon broke into a run. It's not as if anybody would notice, or care, for that matter.

    And I whispered my wish quietly into the wind, that it would just carry me away from this un-fair, twisted, horrible place of pain.

    Please, I'm begging.