• I looked up into the heavens one night
    I saw a light and howled at the moon.
    I gazed at suns burning so bright
    to look at the stars shining in June

    On that fated summer night
    I did find true peace.
    I felt no pain nor contrite,
    As all the night sounds ceased.

    God came down, from heaven above,
    And he saved my wretched soul.
    My spirit rose up like a dove,
    As I fell asleep, once and for all.

    In my spirit's pacifism,
    Being now eternally home.
    And as a final passing whim,
    I ask that you trust in His tome.

    Jesus died to save our souls. All you have to do is accept him and follow his commands and you will be set free. Remember, God will always love you no matter what you do, but the question is, Do you love him?