• I feel the evil burning inside me,
    I feel it making it's way into my mind.
    I will raise hell, heaven help who gets in my way.
    They will need all the help they can get.
    For I am very powerful,
    I can feel the dark rising, inside me,
    Taking over my soul.
    The dark is over-powering
    I cannot fight it, but I do not wish to.
    I welcome it.
    Now is the time,
    The time for pain and suffering.
    Pain and suffering done by only me to whom I hate.
    Hate is no longer a strong word for me,
    I use it often; mean it everytime.
    I always will, always have.
    What other have done to me shall fly back to them,
    On the wings of the winged serpent who aids me in my dreams.
    They shall be punished to the extent of ten fold of what they have done to me,
    And what they will do to me in the future.
    No pity.
    Pity is useless, it is, and always has been, for the weak.
    I told you. I am powerful.
    Do not underestimate me.
    For those who have and do endure pain and suffering.
    They are all so naive to the power of my soul.
    They shall burn as id all of hell has decended upon them.
    Again I say,
    Do not underestimate me.