• Life isn't easy, that's something we both know
    And it'll only get harder as the years go by
    Love isn't simple, the past has told us so
    But you shouldn't surrender, shouldn't give up
    One day you'll find yourself
    Amongst happiness and fulfilled dreams
    If you want I'll make a promise now
    If you'll swear to me you'll be okay
    And when life throws obstacles in your way
    You can only break them down
    Or else they'll end up breaking you
    Take the pain head on and fight
    And when life tears everything to pieces
    Just let the pieces fall where they may
    Get back up and keep going
    And remember all you've lost and loved
    And know that you won't always be alone
    And if you swear to me you'll do these things
    I promise you that I'll be here for you
    I promise that I won't forget who you are
    I won't ever let you fall back down
    I won't let you feel alone and hurt
    And you'll always be in my heart
    This is the promise I make to you
    This is my promise