• Touch you
    Hold you
    Kiss you
    Feel you
    Watch as he
    Violates you
    He's bringing me pain
    Beyond repair
    Watch as his actions
    Choke out my air
    He strangles me
    With each stroke of your hair
    Wait until
    He enters my lair
    No more can he harm you
    No more can he harm
    My hands at his throat
    His blood on my arm
    Watch him writhe
    As with all of my strength
    All of his sins
    I try to erase
    His death will please me
    But that will be all
    Then it will be
    My turn to fall
    Each action has recoil
    This is for certain
    For at that moment
    Justice will burst in
    Then I will fall
    Just like my victim
    At least in fire
    I will defeat him
    We both can burn
    For what we have done
    But my score is one
    And he shall have none