• The screaming Silence suffocates my voice once more.
    Soft breathing is the only sound heard.
    And I try to muffle my crying from you,
    But I can feel the all too familiar tear glide down my face.
    You have never laid on hand on me before;
    But you have hit me with words,
    Beat me with your tone,
    And killed me with Silence.
    Without a warning, you choose to flee.
    My voice returns and can breathe,
    Yet asks the question: why?
    Your answer lacks logic,
    And only pierces my heart.
    The Silence creeps up behind me,
    And holds my throat.
    The all too familiar tear multiplies.
    Then finally, you leave me to cry.
    You think I will be fine in and hour or two.
    So you leave me with the murderous Silence as my only company.