• I hate Jesus, yes I do
    For the bible is untrue

    Amazing race to win the hearts
    of a million mindless drones
    Each heart by this fake god above
    Is his, forever as he owns

    This I do not know or believe
    I acknowledge truth, not dream

    Every tear is a scream, for jesus saves
    What did he save that fateful day?
    But for a pity play, this passion's dead, anyway

    I am bored and want to piss you off, why am I posting this?
    To enrage some christians, and seek their hiss.
    Come on, I can do better than such piss!

    Ideologically speaking, Jesus is naught more than some skeptically fop, doodling amidst his petty followers. I can give multitudinous pragmatic reasons and logic that disprove the bible's accuracy. Truly, it is a vainglorious belief founded hastily upon a disparate collision of love and hate.

    Satan makes no sense. I mean, if he hates God so much, why would he stay in hell to do God's bidding there for eternity. This talk of rebellion is idiotic. I mean, if Lucifer was an angel, he would have to be intellectual enough to realize God can do anything, so rebellion is pointless.

    Why was Satan made, in the first place? If God is omnipotent as the bible so plaintively states, then he'd read all facets of the future.

    Fun question: could God create a boulder so heavy that even he could not lift it.

    Remember, he can do anything, so he can never not lift a boulder, yet...he can do anything, so he should also be able to make said boulder...

    See, this is the stupid s**t you idiots believe in! Believing in a God that doesn't even make sense to himself. Nietzsche was right, God is dead! In the idealistic sentiment.

    The entire Adam and Eve story is trite and conflicting.

    First off, Adam and Eve, before they ate of the tree, did not know good or evil. They then can't be blamed for doing something evil. They didn't know! And if they failed, why don't we blame God?

    I mean, if you make a toy, and it breaks as soon as you make it, you don't blame the toy, do you?

    He MADE Adam and Eve the way they were. Although, the bible never has a problem completely ignoring psychology or genetics. Why? Because the people (yes PEOPLE) who wrote it didn't know what the hell these things were. Oh, and there is a myth that Moses wrote the Torah. Moses dies in the Torah...

    How the ******** can any logical person believe in this book of opinionated crap?

    And damn, the morons who are anti-homosexual because they think the bible tells them to? Don't you even read your own ******** book? Deuteronomy states "don't sleep with a man as you would a woman" then in the new testament, JEsus abolishes all the old rules in lieu of the big two:

    1 Love god more than all

    2Love thy neighbor as yourself.

    Nowhere in there does it say FAGS BURN IN HELL!


    ********! Why don't you mindless sheep ask questions? Do you even know what a question is?

    The bible even has two creations in it. Genesis 1 - God CREATED man after his own image"

    Genesis 2:5 There was not a man to till the land. God then CREATED Adam.

    So either Adam and Eve WEREN'T the first man and woman, there are two creation stories, or the bible is so unclear that most of its followers can't decipher the thing.

    I'd love to personally hear from anyone reading this.

    I deeply enjoy these types of conversations

    ******** God. ******** Jesus...