• On this Earth we are given
    a name
    a face
    a voice
    and some thoughts in our head
    This is our: identity

    And in this life we have
    our body
    our blood
    and our strength to stay
    Telling us to be: here

    I wish I could say my strength is here
    Pulsing through my blooded veins
    Throughout this mangled body
    That I can manage to call myself

    But it’s what these thoughts in my head say
    Along with the voices that aren’t mine
    They come from hidden faces
    And refuse to give their names

    They like to tell me they are perfect
    Never stuttering for a glance back
    “Somehow the Earth will stop spinning,”
    And here we stand so young

    Someone screamed for us to remain still
    We act like we are not shaking scared
    Walking with a fear in each step
    Breathing last is what we’re fighting for

    They teach us how
    to breath
    to walk
    to act
    and to remain still
    These are our: instructions

    They like to tell us:
    we’re young
    change the world
    don’t look back
    and be perfect
    Let me introduce: your breaking point