• Every morning I awake to look up upon this tiled ceiling.
    The defiled shades of white and the sorrowful shine.
    Which reflects back from its smoke stained surface.
    The fires in which once would lead my mind to look forward.
    The eager burning from within no longer existing.
    The forsaken embers left to slowly die out as the faith.
    The Faith it once held within seems to have vacated from within.
    The darkness which once was repelled by my pride now falling in.
    Once proud was I when I was sure of what I was.
    Now I am left to wonder...
    The same unanswerable questions slowly falling into place.
    The worries of life and death returning to place their eternal cold upon me.
    Instinct being that which drives me from dawn til dusk.
    Fear coming in from dusk til dawn...
    An unending cycle of fear and aggressive recoil.
    I once felt I had a place in society.
    Like I was actually a part of the world.
    Now all I feel is this cold running along my side.
    Rivers once seemed beautiful yet now..
    Now I wonder what gave them their beauty.
    The setting sun would warm my heart yet now it leaves me to ponder.
    Why did I care for them so.
    What was it in them that had given me such hope...
    Or was it even having anything to do with them at all.
    Love seemed like a firestarter so long ago...
    Yet now I even grow to doubt such as even being truly existant.
    I've fallen...
    From Hope..
    From Faith...
    From ...
    ... Grace ...