• Go ahead and feel the silence
    Because midnight conversations turn away like a lonely child.
    You speak the words but don't know what they mean.
    So go ahead feel the silence.
    What we have is inside us
    Will forever change us
    Again and again and again

    The longer you fight the cunts the less you remember how to leave.
    How do we hold on?
    What kind of man, human
    Would I be if I ran away?
    Nothing more to see
    No turning back
    That's why I always wear black.
    That's why everythings not said and done

    What a surprize that the blind man won
    The man with nothing but soul and passion
    You havnt seen anything like him, and he won.
    He won a fallen soul of a man behind blue eyes.

    That soul is faded, now blinded by lies
    The blind man sees the blue eyes as flies
    He is the soul frog, and he won't stop.
    Your dreams are empty and you feel so lonely.
    The one to set you free will be the one to crack you down.
    She smiles and gives you bad news
    She shivers and gives you a blanket
    Send you on your way still smiling
    You lost your love, no more smiling.

    Barren wasteland, barren wasteland.
    Fly across the land with a hand
    Step though you will be chased
    Stay and there will be haste
    Death awaits either way
    But adventure calls
    And your on your way

    She will love you forever
    She will love you for as long as she can remember your lovely face.
    As long as she remembers the love you gave her and grace
    You will never forget
    Always in your heart as you promised
    Don't you cry
    She will be in your heart
    Even if she can't remember
    She always will be.

    So adventure awaits.
    You left your love at home
    But you carry her in your heart
    Till that heart of yours stops beating.
    What you have comming, you were never fully seeing
    No need to worry if you die
    You are a man behind blue eyes