• I tried to scratch it out,
    but it came back.
    I tried to make it go but then it came back.
    Pouring like water.

    All these thoughts popped in my head.
    The way you talked and walked with me.
    No matter how many times I tried to forget.
    The way you made me feel happy and free.

    I cant help but love you.

    But I know we just can't be.
    I'm always thinking of you.
    But I know you're not right for me.

    You took my heart,
    You promised forever.
    You said we would never part,
    that we would always be together

    Ever since I met you,
    You blushed everytime you saw my face.
    I wanted to say I love you too,
    but you were never on my pace.

    Now ever since I met you.

    You broke my heart In two.

    We'll never be together, forever.

    And it's all becuase of you.