• I've never felt so drained before its like your suffocating me
    I don't see why you don't understand the impossible part or 'we'

    I'm sick of you and I can't breathe the pressure building up
    The pain you make me feel each day isn't easing up

    You never could see how you hurt me with the simple words of yours
    But then again you never saw the knife you used, that could wage wars

    So maybe it's just that I'm a fool to keep thinking I was wrong
    Cause the only thing you've ever showed me is what's now become my sad song

    I want to keep the hope I had way back in last July
    But it's hard when the only thing you do is simply make me cry

    So go on and play me like the fool you think I am
    I wish I never loved you, it feels like love is just a scam

    So that's my sad story of a true but tragic end
    Just stop all your pretending then we'll try and be friends