• I've been told that I'm fat
    I've been told that I'm not pretty
    I've been told that I'm not good at anything

    People have said "why do you try?"
    "you know your gonna fail"
    People have also said "look at her haha why is she dressed like that?"

    Why do you take what they say to heart?
    It doesnt mean a thing
    It doesnt matter what they think
    It only matters what you think
    Because at the end of the day
    The only person that you need to worry about liking you
    Is you because if you dont like yourself
    Who else will like you?

    So dont take what other people say to heart
    Dont listen to them
    Because you are a beautiful person
    No matter what other people say
    And what they say they only say that because
    They wish they were as beautiful as you
    You may not be the prettiest girl alive
    Or the most handsome guy alive
    But you may have the most beautiful soul alive