• It is natural to be gloomy,
    To have things that come in
    And eat at your heart
    Like ice cream

    It is natural
    To survive on instincts,
    Instincts that you create yourself,
    That you create to survive

    It is natural to believe,
    To believe in eternal life,
    To believe that the world will end,
    To believe that what you believe is right,

    It is natural to hope,
    Hope for America
    Hope for love,
    Hope for respect,
    Hope for family…

    It is natural to fall in love,
    To have your heart
    Connect with another’s
    And be bound for life with each other,

    But, it is not natural to hate,
    Hate comes from a supernatural force
    That breaks up all the natural things
    And turns it into dust

    The problem is though,
    That all of us have some sort of hate
    Inside us!

    Then, it is shameful,
    That some people would call themselves
    And believe it.

    Hate is no natural.
    It needs to be gone,
    We need to leave it on the doorstep
    And say, “Good-bye!”