• I see it disappear before my eyes,
    as light and sunshine fade,
    into the darkness and the night,
    does helltime's shadow wade.

    As people from around he world,
    think they have it made,
    you'd be surprised dear people,
    your debt it not yet paid.

    I see it also strengthening
    as if to say goodbye,
    as helltime's shadow wanders near,
    it made this time to try,
    to make the valley before myself,
    merely a place to die.

    I see it might be thinking
    it hesitates in the gloom,
    its cold eyes slowly blinking,
    it looks straight to the moon.

    I try to turn away,
    hold my breath and just not move,
    it slowly turns and looks at me,
    and yet it starts to move.

    It ventures closer to the place,
    where I wait and hide,
    I see its shape,
    not color nor face,
    but yet still see its eyes.

    Out of curiousity,
    I stand and venture near,
    for helltime's shadow seems to see,
    but doesnt fully hear,
    it looks in my direction,
    but can't hear me come so near.

    I get close enough to see,
    this shadow through gloom,
    what evil should I see however,
    its face is but my own.