• I walk a line,
    a border on their world and mine,
    conformity and individualism,
    creativity and cookie-cutter,
    recklessness and caution,
    lies and truth.

    Their voices spin about my head,
    an annoying buzz,
    empty noise filling empty space,
    their attempts to persuade yet another innocent to their side,
    smothering them under their brand names and fake hair.

    Tempted, I am.
    But not by the allure of being accepted,
    by the fondly remember cries of the friends,
    old beloved frineds,
    that were swept in by the undertow.

    I want to reach out for them,
    pull them back to the real world,
    But I know that they're beyond saving,
    So I step back to my world,
    and treasure what I have left of it.