• Deep in the soul of ones heart
    lurks a demon whose incrediably smart
    He haunts me day and night when I say he doesn't exist
    He comes out at night and pulls me into his abyss
    He shows me what I really want and how that in reality falls apart
    He scares me into believing that I protecting him
    He says he loves me and yet controls me like a sim
    He shows me his world how its cold as steel
    how he lost his vision how he hates how he feels
    he took over my soul and made me be myself
    giving me a smile and the proper health
    Me and him are one were one and the same all long
    til birth til death we will sing our song.
    We may look happy, all may be well
    but this world that spills blood is our living hell.
    Freaks we are of this messed up joke
    but we will kill you for too much we spoke.