• A Silent Girl's Heartbreak

    A young girl sits at the edge.

    Of humanity.

    Of sadness.

    Of anger.

    No one knows of her story.

    She sits listening to music,not saying a word.

    People walk past,she doesn't say a word.

    I walk past,trying imagining her having fun.

    I imagine nothing.

    No one knows the silent tears she sheds.

    No one sees the hate and pain in her heart.

    She sits silently,showing no emotion.

    No one truly sees the pain.

    She believes in truth.

    Yet truth doesn't justify for her.

    She prays to God for forgiveness.

    Yet she gets none.

    "Is this truly how the world is?"she ponders.

    "Am I the only one that knows the horror of truth?"

    The Silent Girl's Heartbreak.

    She glares at anger with a silent hatred,not a single word escapes her cursed mouth.

    The reason why she's silent only she knows.

    The reason

    The only singular reason.

    If this reason was gone...her troubles would be over.

    She could talk without a care.

    She could laugh.

    That girl's name was Society