• My mind slips into darkness. My body falls into the shadows.
    My heart pounds as the slow choking shadows form around me.
    I cannot speak I cannot scream. My mind is useless my heart has stopped.
    I slid deeper into the dark my body twists and contorts.
    My body feels pain, the pain of sadness, the pain of loneliness, the pain of love the pain of joy.
    Everything is pain everything hurts, my mind falls deeper and my body vanishes.
    My soul is left alone without its sword and shield.
    I am floating in the darkness without protection.
    I bleed filling the black with blood, with tears, with pain.

    Light, light shines my soul hides and slowly peeks out.
    Pain feels me again as my mind and body return in a flash.
    I feel myself being pulled up more and more until I break threw and breathe.
    The light is bright, but it does not hurt or burn or blind.
    It is just there and it warms and comforts.
    My eyes close and I feel the embrace.
    I smile and cry.