• Twas' the week before Christmas and all through gaia
    Santa is missing, but two demigods will help
    all the donations of junk were filling up the meter
    in hope of free items, for which soon will near.
    As one demon was working, his name Pierre,
    he noticed an aircraft that nearly hit his hair
    and out came a man wearing a cap,
    that did not care that he just made a gap

    The Sentinel came along with the Overseer
    to see what would cause such a clatter
    when they saw what happened they cursed and they sweared
    but no, this man did not seem scared

    The moon behind the man cast him an erie glow
    As he said sorry and that he didn’t know
    But oh they were mad and that he could tell
    And to this day the demigods he tries to quell.

    By: Dragon_Breeder55
    if you want to use this please ask for permission!