• I love you and i know you know but do you love me? do you understand my thoughts?
    I love you more than anything and anyone, i never thought loving someone so much was possible. Nothing is impossible, with you anything is possible. I smile at the thought that you love me to... but i dont even know if your words are real i love you and i wish i could hear your thoughts of me.

    To you am I beautiful? Am i perfect?, because you are for me. I wish love did last forever because i could always be with you.I miss you even if its just a second your gone my heart sinks when i think of you with another girl. Everyone thinks about sex but all i can think about is finding someone to love me, to care for me, and here you are....Your kisses leave me breathless smiling and wishing it could last longer. I love you but i love you to much, they say you wont hurt me but i cant trust it anymore.If i only knew...if you only knew.