• The darkness surrounds what you have touched, 
    It touches my deepest memories,
    Forcing me to turn away,
    My broken heart falling to the shadows,
    You have caused me to have an eternal sorrow,
    My eternal sorrow,
    Locking me I chains,
    Causing agony,
    Causing pain,
    A sorrow it is,
    That I can't escape,
    A sorrow eternal,
    One that has made things so familiar yet so very strange,
    The light I need will come, 
    But when, I wonder?
    Will it come in a dream?
    Will it come in a moment in time,
    Will it come with death?
    All I need is the light of hope,
    The light of another,
    When will it come I am not certain,
    But how is in the moment I forget and let go,
    I wish for that now,
    But it won't be now,
    As long as I look for the key to these chains,
    I will have freedom.

    I wish for hope to those that suffer,
    Those that suffer their own eternal sorrow.