• Please stop
    No more yelling
    Don't do this
    Don't get rid of him
    Let him come back
    Don't you hear him begging
    He wants to stay
    I know he does a lot wrong
    And he does not follow the rules
    But does that mean you have to make him go
    I've always said I hate him
    And I would never miss him
    But now my heart is torn
    My chest feels heavy
    And I'm shedding pain filled tears
    'I want to defend him'
    But what if she gets annoyed with me too
    Will I also have to go?
    I've always found this family annoying
    They stress me out
    And make me scream unmeaningful words
    I thought I truly disliked them and wanted nothing to do with them
    But I would miss those fun times we had
    They are rare
    But we still have fun
    Is this how he feels?
    The same as me
    So to lose a member
    Even if they anger you
    To lose a brother
    Would hurt deeply
    So please
    Let him stay!