• She said something
    She said something I didn't hear
    She tried to tell me what I did wrong
    I didn't care
    I walked out
    But I came back, with something say
    But then the roof caved in
    And the thing I was about to say was a lie
    It didn't mean anything
    I should've said this a long time ago
    But it was too late for me to say anything
    I became a star then
    I came back for her
    She rejected
    I came back with more strength and will
    But she still rejected
    What did she ever want from me
    I would give anything to have one chance with her
    To tell her how I really feel
    She didn't tell me what she wanted to say
    I tried to tell her what I said
    She didn't listen
    I guess we both had a chance to say something
    We both were too late
    I wish things could be the same
    But then I said
    Then she smiled