• The Moon goes up,
    As I go down.
    I am the light.
    I am the power,
    The one that brings all to life.
    The Moon, however, is dark.
    It turns all bright light into darkness.
    But, is that how it goes?
    Is that the true meaning to all of this?
    Or is it fiction?
    Is this real?
    Will I ...
    It cannot be!
    The light that shines so bright in the sky,
    It will never die!
    It brings birth to young ones.
    It heals the hurt.
    But, of all things, will I die?
    Will the moon bring me to it's darkness?
    Or will I be saved?
    The bright light called from the heavens,
    Brighten the sky!
    Bring in the angels!
    And never let them die.
    Condemn the dark!
    The evil,
    And make it leave the sky.
    Leave all darkness,
    And live all light.
    I am the light,
    The power,
    The one who brings all to life!
    I am the Sun.