• Strongest One

    Life is a monster that wears us down,
    But there is one that never freaks,
    He is the one that never makes me frown,
    Passing Through Life's Creeks,
    With a smile and a laugh.

    This is a true man,
    Never caring what you say,
    He is the leader of the clan,
    For those who aren't made of clay,
    That life has molded like fools.

    This one crazy ********,
    Showing the world he aint broke,
    And like a crazy trucker,
    He is ready to Choke,
    The demon of life till its gone.

    He wont sit down,
    He has fought long enough,
    He may be a clown,
    But this ******** is tough,
    To take on the whole world.

    He may cry cause of the past,
    But he will always get back up,
    Cause he is ******** fast,
    To keep his emotions in a cup,
    Hidden to keep us from choking up.

    I'd die for this fool,
    And i know he got my back,
    Cause he is that cool,
    He doesn't has to be as tall as Shack,
    I still look up to this man.

    He has gone through hell,
    And went back for more,
    He has broken the shell,
    And swam to the shore,
    Showing he is a true man.

    If he were a rapper id be a fan,
    But this psycho is still working,
    He is making his great plan,
    He keeps the devil from forking,
    His friends and family.

    He is our shield,
    Protecting us from sadness,
    And his kindness is like a field,
    That keeps us from madness,
    So you say he is weird your all fools.

    This mother ******** would give his life,
    For someone he cared for,
    And if you ******** with him ill use my knife,
    and watch you fall to the floor,
    So know this now assholes.

    This is my brother,
    He is a true man,
    And we share mothers,
    And if you ******** with him you'll see my pan,
    Impact your ******** smothers.

    So if you ask why i say i'll ******** you up,
    Cause he is family so ******** off,
    Ill show you how to kill someone with a cup,
    And watch you have a bloody cough.
    So now i say goodbye.

    To this ******** rhyme,
    He will never fall down,
    He will never run out of time,
    He is the one that never make me frown,
    So bro i say this I love you man.