• In the mountains with malice
    past the village, and mortal men,
    is a pearly crystal palace,
    'round the river bend
    wary the traveler be,
    over rocks, and fields, and woods,
    crossing her shining crystal sea
    from carelessness, there is no good.
    her kingdom under ice and snow
    the lowly demons bend to her will
    durring moonlight the "wonderland" glows,
    looking for the traveler, for the kill
    A weary warning, my good sir
    give no heed to winters lure.

    Upon her brow, the silver sits
    dripping fair the ice doll here
    her eyes are gray like brightened pits,
    carefree snowflakes in her hair
    her look is haughty and her demenor proud,
    the look of a great queen,
    covered in a frosty shroud.
    a cool, and calculated machine.
    becareful travler, of her looks
    her heart and lips are froze.
    her fingers, icicles, peirce like hooks,
    her beauty shames the winter rose.
    A weary warning, my good sir
    give no heed to winters lure

    Her anger flares on mortal man
    how dare they enter her dark realm?
    The demons scurry while they can
    you brought her curse upon yourself.
    needles crawl beneath your skin,
    the frozen wasteland stops your trek
    while freezing thoughts touch on your kin,
    wild winds slash at your neck.
    They find your body, and leave your splints
    free wind demons on the go,
    leaving softly echoed foot prints
    in the blood stained, white washed snow.
    A weary warning, my good sir
    This is what happens if you heed winters lure