• She knows it.
    Her heart tells her so,
    All the things he said and shared.
    Every moment they spent together
    And still he has the gull.
    Telling her it's nothing but a wasted dream.
    And she knows.

    The truth is never far.
    And her heart tells her it's true.
    It's really over, and for now she will
    Get rid of those things she kept bottled up
    Inside, waiting to get out.
    She can finally be at peace.
    For she has been broken again,
    But her mind won't forgive this time.

    Happily with another.
    On both sides, and now she can live.
    But one thing else,
    Their future is already set.
    Stone in ice, deadly ice. And her heart tells her so.
    And she knows it's true.
    Living on a better heart, lifted to a different view.
    She can finally be happy on her own,
    Though with the man she loves.

    No more burden to bear.
    No more pain to share, and fearing of tearing
    Their love apart with her selfishness.
    She truly loves this man.
    And he has her heart always.
    Always and forever. Together at last with no regrets.

    And their song,
    Reminds her of what she really truly has.
    And it's good, a good love,
    A good life, finally and at last.