• Love, joy,hate, pain
    What's the difference? There all the same.
    Wish, chear, blame, cry,
    You wouldn't even care if I where to die.

    I don't want to cry a single tear,
    For Idon't thinkI would be able to bare,
    Losing the one I forever love,
    For your my drug that seems to be draining me blood.

    I know you hate me and don't love me,
    At least try to remember the memoriesyou gave me.
    I feel youinside me where ever I go,
    For you seem to have given my heart the final blow.

    I stand here on the top of this bridge,
    So you remember allof the things that you did.
    I'll love you foreverand ever my dear,
    For losing you was my one and only fear.

    I feel the wind on my face as I fall to theground,
    AndIhope you are happy that I will never be around.