• In the Depths of my soul,
    I find hatred never known,

    When I think that it's not there
    It's just sleeping in wait I fear.

    one minute happy, never caring
    and then seconds later, anger flaring...

    You ask me if I'm ok. And I say yes.
    But that may not be completely true.

    I just don't want to hurt your feelings,
    to mar your perfect mood with blue.

    The sight of you makes me angry,
    what could have been,
    what never was.

    Your eyes never cease to amaze me,
    and then the anger,
    begins to come.

    I watch you from the murky shadows,
    and My heart stings for you.

    But to replace the hole in my heart,
    hate will fill it, like crusty glue.

    And now at last, I remember,
    the first time I saw your face,

    I cannot help but to get angry,
    my heart cannot take the ache.