• "Phone Slap"
    By: Seraphim Hazard

    Never have I seen such dispassionate eyes
    Never have I known such mysteriousness
    Never have I been so attracted too
    Never have I known such coldness
    Never have I known the pain in your eyes

    Such a broken moon
    Such a lonesome heart
    The lonely Venus that you seek
    You know you’ll never find
    Such forgotten abyss is your darken eyes
    The ones that draw me so

    You spread your faulting wings
    And dare to dream
    This tainted vessel you call your soul
    Reminiscing on the past
    Stuck like glue
    Too afraid to make that move
    A void like creature is what I find
    So frail and fragile but strong and sturdy
    I’ll break you yet and make you mine
    My sinister obsession