• Togother doesnt aways mean forever
    Maybe for now
    Maybe for tomorrow
    But not always forever
    We were once togother
    You confessed and loved me to the end
    While I had no heart in it
    You were just another silly guy
    Trying to win my affection
    Or maybe just fooling with my heart
    But I had soon broke us apart
    Your time for fooling was over
    And my fake attraction was gone
    Soon enough we had faded away
    No more us
    Just me and you
    Never in a sentence togother
    Until now

    I say you that morning and we said a simple "hi"
    And friends we were
    We would talk and text
    Text and Message
    Message and email
    We hung togother always
    And soon enough my heart began to beat
    The sound of your name hit me like a rock
    Your voice shoke my being
    But your heart was supposedly moved by another
    Her name unknown
    But truthfully who wants to know it
    The time I truly want you to hold me
    You fantasize of another
    I guess I missed out
    Such a sweet shy guy
    And to know your smile goes out to another girl
    To know that your dreams based soully on her
    Tears me inside out

    Jealousy is a bad emotion
    And I feel horrible despising the girl you care for
    But what can you expect
    Exspecially from another girl hiding her love
    I hide it under all the layers I hold in me
    The layers that you know everything about...
    Except this one
    I intend to tell you
    If my heart doesnt break anytime soon
    So hold on...
    Dont pick her yet
    Cause you have another girl on the side
    A nice girl, I think

    Give me another chance to prove myself
    I swear I will make us right
    We can be togother again
    This time
    Thier wont be a now
    Or a later
    But an always
    One I will do anything for it to happen
    As long as you take me back
    So all i ask is
    Please just take me back
    And our togother will truly be forever