• ________

    You wouldn't belive how much you mean to me,
    You can not see how you make me feel,
    Your the other half of me,
    And when i tell you these things,
    you do what all guys do,
    You pack up and leave.

    The damage is done
    You left me alone
    now your gone
    I feel so disowned

    My heart feels broken
    beyond repair
    But i feel awoken
    and i know to beware
    Of guys like you
    who just dont care

    Life must go on
    you must forget the pain
    but the first is the worst
    but you learn there game

    They pretend and lie
    They cheat and steal
    now you wonder if its worth it
    It doesn't seem like a fair deal.

    You eventually move on
    But the scars are still there You meet someone new
    and your heart seemes repaired
    But just remeber this one little thing
    no matter how hard you try
    They all act the same.