• Weeping i build up the courage to walk ten feet
    I stare down at the swift moving river
    My reflection was one of a young girl with a dream that is crushed
    A heart that is broken
    A loved one gone
    A life not worth living

    I could feel the sadness over come me
    The memorys washing away
    My mind is blank
    He is gone

    I look around, hear the birds sing
    Feel the morning dew against my feet
    I think to myself again
    What a beautiful day to die on
    I stand straight
    I say a prayer
    I look to see my face for the last time
    I jump
    I die
    And now...
    I'm with him

    My lifeless body floats on top of the water
    The people who saw it first could of sworn i was smirking
    And they were right