• I look outside the window pane,
    at the buildings passing by,
    to little drops of falling rain,
    from a cloudy midnight sky.

    And then I wonder looking out,
    past the rushing scenery,
    that someone, somewhere, without a doubt,
    is doing just the same as me.


    Somewhere, someone is awestruck by
    a moon that seems so full and bright,
    while somewhere distant, many lie
    on beaches soaked in warm sunlight.

    Somewhere, someone is praying hard
    for aid to feed his family,
    while somewhere far, a lucky card
    has won someone the lottery.

    Somewhere, someone walks down the aisle,
    and says her vows for love of him,
    while somewhere else, a heavy file
    for divorce is passed – a spark now dim.

    Somewhere, someone has robbed a store,
    running on foot – so desperate,
    while someone starts his life once more,
    no bars nor chains – a new path set.

    Somewhere, someone has climbed up to
    the highest peak of Everest,
    while someone has to just make do,
    with failing one more written test.

    Somewhere, someone waits eagerly,
    for him to give her true first kiss,
    while somewhere close, its not to be,
    heartbreak soothed by ice-cream’s bliss.

    Somewhere, a youth walks robed in blue
    across the stage to graduate,
    while somewhere someone rushes to
    his first class since 1968.

    Somewhere, someone is waiting for
    a bus out in the pouring rain.
    Someone waits by the clinic door;
    his lab results drive him insane.

    Somewhere, someone is flying to
    China at a decent price,
    while at some store someone cuts through
    to get on sale a bag of rice.

    Somewhere, someone is sleeping in,
    past 10AM without a care.
    Somewhere bombings will soon begin,
    all awake, or dead, or in despair.

    Somewhere, someone now takes a bite
    of juicy apple, red and sweet,
    while someone’s up at day’s first light,
    to pick those apples, sold for meat.

    Somewhere, someone now cries so many
    tears of laughter, with wide grin.
    Somewhere, someone is crying plenty
    tears of sadness, her hope now thin.

    Somewhere, someone lays fallen, dying
    on battlefield, his duty done,
    while somewhere sound of infant crying
    signals new life – his tiny son.


    I look outside the window pane,
    at the buildings passing by,
    to little drops of falling rain,
    and to the world I now reply:

    Somewhere out of all somewheres,
    out of those someones, I see,
    staring out and unawares...

    ...you are there thinking of me.