• And now I sit inside my glass prison
    Screaming to be let free
    But all my efforts are in vain
    You can't even hear me.

    Look into my tear stained eyes
    And tell me what you see
    Am I so completely dead to you
    That you don't even see me?

    Watch the tears fall down my face
    An endless stream of forgotten hate
    Fall into an unknown world
    Follow the road of fearful fate.

    Banish the light from inside your mind
    Let the dark consume your soul
    Lose yourself inside this hell
    Cause yourself to lose control.

    Rest your head and close your eyes
    Soon the pain will fade
    Slip away into your dreams
    No longer be afraid.

    I feel my body growing cold
    Shaking, shivering, fade away
    Trembling under Death's sweet kiss
    I'm too far led astray.

    Leave me helpless on the ground
    Left alone to face this death
    Fatal numbness pass over me
    And I breathe my one last breath.

    My screams have been silenced
    My tears have been dried
    As I lay upon the earth
    And let this life subside.

    Let the dark consume the soul
    Pass into eternity
    Thus the ending of this life
    Of this forgotten sanity.