• Locked away inside this grave
    watching my life pass me by day after day
    Take this blade and spill the blood from my veins
    This is my twilight serenade

    I told myself I'd never fall again
    I thought love was a burden
    Torn apart, my heart hasn't quite learned how to mend itself
    And I believe this heart will beat again
    This is the art of the blade
    My twilight serenade

    But now I feel the pain won't subside
    My love has no alibi and I will never fall as hard as I did that night
    I will learn how to fight the demons of love
    History will always repeat itself and I can't go on pretending to care
    This is my declaration, my love's discretion, My twilight serenade

    But even in solace, there is light
    I see her face in my mind and I can't help but cry
    I would give anything to dance with her tonight
    I'll look in her eyes and realize that I was wrong and she was right
    I've given my heart away tonight
    And this is my twilight (my twilight) serenade.