• His poem

    My heart stops..
    Stops for you.
    These feelings crawl through my skin....
    Screaming to get out....
    Fighting there way out....
    Fighting against these deadly soldiers who won't let me express myself.....And also...
    This deadly knife.....
    Describes: Am in love.

    My poem

    But if your heart stopped for me,
    you'd be dead for we're apart.

    If these feelings crawled through your skin,
    then why didn't my love for you win?

    If you fought against these deadly soldiers
    then why did you become one of them?

    I know it's your dream
    but what about me?

    But what puzzles me the most.....

    Is why if this deadly knife hurt you so bad,
    why did you embrace it like a long lost pal?

    All these questions, this I've asked but all I've ever recieved....
    Was, "That's the way it has to be."

    Now this is it the final verse. If this describes your love,
    I think it just might kill me.