• Oh how I wish I was a summer's eve,
    Perfectly right, no tears on my sleeve,
    No doubt in my mind, all is OK,
    Set in perpetuality every which way,
    No honest chance to make my move,
    Stuck in a cage, just like the Louvre,
    Petrified in stone, unable to vent,
    Thinking to myself, "You were heaven sent.",
    But alas, I'm too weak, too frail to continue,
    Looking down at the ground, "What did I get into?",
    Lamentation of the heart and Damnation of the soul,
    You've achieved what you want, what's your next goal?,
    Further humiliation and heartache, I cannot take,
    Shattered into a million pieces and no clean break,
    And even though I thought it to be worthwhile,
    That was just my conscious, certainly in denial,
    So when the time comes and one must rise up,
    Will justice be fulfilled overflowing my cup?,
    I think that they may just mock at me,
    Floating on a log in the wild blue sea,
    Drifting further away for the light I can see,
    Just along for the ride, a lock with no key,
    I've been here before and all is familiar,
    And knowing fact and fiction, which one is sillier?,
    The former is a gas and the latter a joke,
    Tossed by the current, struggling to stay afloat,
    How could I have let this come to fruition,
    Learning from the past, exerting intuition,
    The lexicons say "Mind your P's and Q's.",
    Hold tight in my stance, unable to move,
    It's all so overwhelming, at a loss for words,
    They escape and taunt me like mockingbirds,
    Neither here nor there, you won't see it coming,
    And when all's said and done, you will be running,
    It's not something normal or easy to explain,
    This is the story of travels through my brain...