• "The Greatest thing a human being ever does in this world is to see something... To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion, all in one."
    John Ruskin(1819-1900)
    Critic and social theorist

    Luminate the crevices of digression. Constant perception of current impressions got the world regressing back into possession of the powers to be. Why don't we see? Clearly this twisted cycle is not how we want to exist. Emotions switched more violently then the tide of the ocean. Boasting more then the obvious, subliminally, is so criminal, see? I'm just trying to get by minimally. Pinnacle of the... obsolete. Concrete visions remind me of how kind the streets can be. If you see and implement the resonant sediments that make sense to the locals. Then their vocals won't be so "bomb-astic". Acid for anyone's ego. We go deeper, slinking by, a daylight creeper and a midnight peeper of the unbelievable and the inconceivable. Achievable by so many means that this means it should be part of your dreams. It's not like I do this to make sense. Rouge pilot of my life; set me free of strife because the future is bleak if I stay weak and refuse to speak. So I speak, as if to say something of importance. Though, my tone of voice doesn't support this. The bliss of ignorance is imminent, if not already prominent in our every day existence. They say persistence is the key but if persistence, you see, is in failure, then the key you posses only leads to misery. If this is visible and you think I'm cynical then you are being hypocritical. Picked up by a few, "it's all coming to a close". A prose by a genius is always forgotten but a phrase by an actor is remembered but a lot....um, I guess this is how I perceive. If you receive it in a form, most pure. You knowledge will extend like the bloom of a flower. Bubbling at the surface unaware of its purpose. Cure this and everything will boil down to the basics. Play tricks is what nature is known to do. Figuring it out isn't hard if you can find the clues. I found the "blues" mixed in with the "grays". A rock in a hard place. No grace is left when you make a fool of your peers. Gather near because few think as I do. Not your dad, nor your mom. Not the sky, nor the lawn. Only starts hold the answers you seek. Which is ironic because the closer you get to a star the faster you burn to a crisp. Flick my wrist to draw the pen from beginning to end. Befriend your enemies and create omnipotent entities to bewilder the hard to filter. Exit this slower then you entered. A gust of wind blows and the hands of time slow, we go to our subconscious where the spirit of life flows. Woe is me for not being a bigot as expected; not doing as directed and then not reflecting unto the unsuspecting. Correcting my judgment as I make my mistakes. Wishing I could get a break in life where there is no second-takes. I stake a claim that this is worth reading, ideals worth breeding, and values worth seeding within the minds of the plush. Lush sponges of the absolute. Go ahead and shoot, because the branch might break but these roots shake to no man. Plan to be free as a bird; such as to come crashing to the ground. Bound to amaze the simplistic. Ethereal ballistic drilling itself into my person. Hurting a whole lot less than a broken heart. It was "oh so painful" at the start. When the sun raises and your soul blazes with the intensity of a supernova. Rolling through life like a boulder. Knowing that when I'm out of momentum, I'll regret then that I never attempted to reinvent those ideals that were due for a makeover. Takeover your destiny and invest in the only chance you will ever get. Set in your stance, unwilling to budge, ever the slightest. I'll test the durability of the mightiest and the consistency of the lightest. Oblivion is achieved a million times a day by a billion unintrigued souls. Whose goals are just to fully enjoy their constant countdown to nilch. Flog my soul (as if that hasn't already been attempted). Tempting as it may seem I don't aim to ream you a new one but for fun I might show you the abyss of the hades domain. And there remain fixed in a trance until the opaque becomes translucent. Metamorphosis of what is expelled out of your verbal orifice is a direct reflection of where your moral core is. Support the interrogation of form and function in conjunction with the laws of physics. Get sick off of the fumes of infatuation because "God loves you". So much to take from you whenever he feels the need to acquire himself a new buddy. Lucky you, huh? If this is what it sounds like "When Doves Cry", why can't we look each other eye to eye. Panoramic intensity invented the fight or flight response. Although, we ought to learn from our mistakes, we just add them to our mental archives. Give us nine lives and we will still ask for immortality. I guess that's just the reality. Humans are the greediest of all beings in the universe. So if you submerse and hide from the curse of mankind, you will be behind. Instead jump ahead and face it straight up for the passing. Once again surrounded by the walls that bind me. Once again surrounded by souls that are unkind to me. Once again... why do we choose to put ourselves, as sheep, in the middle of a pack of wolves. As fools we don't know where to go because we don't know where we are headed. Tomorrow is never embedded into the course of our lives. Knives can cut but words can scar beyond all belief. And the only relief is knowing that you'll be scared again. Although, begging that it isn't so. Life is a one way street. No rewind; no repeats. Only slaughter to the feet that were left in the sands of the past. Act fast or let the shadows cast their burden on your psyche. It might be better or it might be worse but keep it all inside and it's a fact that your bound to burst. It's time to find balance, reveal true talents, and soften all this malice. For the page is the soul's chalice. "Alice" is in wonderland, whilst I gaze down into the rabbit's hole. Raised from indigo hazards. Mass words of influence flew in since the beginning of comprehension. Coupled with indigestion, left me "gassed" and ready for combat. On top of that, I have thousands behind my back, getting that, ready to attack. Based on metallic properties, it is all bound to settle. Don't meddle with the equation of evasion or you will end up implicated with abrasions. Phasing in and out of time-space as if you wield the "vorpal sword". Though I command a horde of micro-assassins. Grasping at straws to see whom has the gall to stand up and say no to conformity. Forming the basis of the reasons behind the stasis that holds all the races at the bottom of evolution. Let the revolution begin. Milky shores of the twilight. I might rest here for a few. Too little do I stop to enjoy the scenery. Laced with people, animals, and greenery. It seems to be repetitive as if not a sedative to calm the fury filled aura within. Defending against bombardment while holding back assaults of my own. A war easy to wage but a monument to conquer. Overrun with rancor, but will it lead to my just deserts? I find the answer to be far from yes. My guess is bitter with envy. For I know not all share the same fate as I. "Dieing to live" and "Living to die", all you have to do is analyze. Surmise using an educated method. Best head in the area of "Good Vibrations". Meditation in the times of dire "straights" and "S-curves". Forever straining my nerves. To see another sunrise glare off my eyes is no surprise to clam my spirits. Unable to shatter the contraption that binds me to these thoughts. Wrought with the strength of titanium, laced with uranium, which seems plain to them until the strain begins to gain a hold of their veins and then... the transformation establishes itself in the first stages of infection. So when they see their reflection, they begin to suspect a change. That strange feeling that something is out of place. Faced with a decision that they are used to, they choose to travel another route. For their clout has been elevated to the next level. True hell in all this is that the rest don't understand why you feel this way. Because you see today what others could never fathom. You become sad then because all deserve the opportunity. Self-induced mutiny. Fueling the uprising that's surprising the nation that's facing losing control. Characteristically fluent like Swiss timepiece movement. Congruent to the translucent side of ordinary. Very weary of oncoming obstacles that are stopping all half-hearted attempts to break this single goal. To hold forever in your mind, that it was all worth living. Giving thanks to the good and the bad. Some of the best time's we've ever had. Glad I never took that step that leads down the beaten path. Heathen's gasp that I didn't join the evil side. As worlds collide, I surmise that I will forever be a spectator. Regulators of holy chaos, pay off my debts to society. Frying me because I'm a martyr to the grill. Some kill to be in the limelight. I'm just killing to keep my mind right. Am I right? That depends on who you ask and what they grasp. It's all just a matter of opinion, people, and what's in them. Enforce the divorce of fact and fiction. That's my jurisdiction.