• Frustration doesn't compare
    To the great sadness
    You feel when your friend lies to you
    The thought that you were so close
    Always together
    Yet secrets and uncertainties
    Remain hidden
    In the warmth of friendship
    Of this unstable development
    You continue on
    Hurting them by mistake
    Causing more pain
    Yet, not a voice calls out to you
    No truth told
    The people close become distant
    Resembling strangers
    Without realizing
    You yearn for that warmth once again
    Your thoughts wandering
    Trying to find the answer
    The reason of your abandonment
    Nothing comes to mind
    So now its time for action
    You search for thosse you once called friends
    Wanting an answer
    Longing for their companionship
    You venture and find
    You question and cry
    You discover the truth
    You regain what you lost
    You fixed what was broken
    All together again
    Good as new
    No longer are you alone
    Now that the lies have vanished
    You will make sure new ones aren't placed
    And you will live together from now on
    Being closer than before
    Even though there was hurt
    You found a way to move past it
    And move on peacefully
    Now a new bond is formed
    Is this, what you call being best friends