• Annie is a girl like me
    Her heart belongs to Jack, you see
    So when Jack began to hurt his mind
    She proclaimed she wasn't blind
    And loved Jack forever more
    You think the story will be a bore
    they lived together for several years
    she only left him out of fear
    because the alcohol was too great
    and slowly jack's mind it ate
    she died as an actor will
    taking pills til she had her fill

    Jack, he had to go and jump off the roof
    Annie, she thinks her life is just a spoof
    Jack takes the alcohol like Annie takes her speed
    The star cross'd lovers have a beast to feed
    see the shadows underneath the girls eyes
    listen to him spill the lies
    She calls herself his Juliet
    He tells himself not to fret
    she'll leave someday
    or else she'll have to pay

    Annie, she left when he was caught drunk driving
    Jack, he says she made his anger start thriving
    Annie, she had an acting career in front of her
    Jack, the world passed by him in a blur